Rabbit Meat for Sale


           Pasture Raised Rabbit Meat

    We raise some of our rabbits in moveable pens to provide pasture raised rabbit meat for our customers. Our pasture raised rabbits are but out into pens that have open bottoms so the rabbits can have access to all the fresh greens that they would like to eat, they also have access to pellets and of course fresh clean water. Rabbits are moved into the barn at night to protect them from predators. We do NOT use and antibiotics,hormones or medications on our meat rabbits

Because our rabbits are raised on pasture it takes them longer to reach butcher weight than rabbits that are raised on just pellets, our rabbits are also have room to hop around so that also increases the grow out time compared to rabbits that are kept in confinement. Rabbits are processed when they are ten to twelve weeks old and around five pounds live weight. If you see rabbit meat for sale in a store check the country of orgin, a large amount is imported from China

              Herbal Salves

Yarrow Salve, Yarrow is an herb with antibacterial, analgesic and anti-styptic (stops bleeding) vulnerary (heals wounds) properties. It is great for clean wounds to promote healing and stop bleeding, it can be swabbed inside your nostril to stop a nose bleed. If you have a dirty cut that might still have dirt trapped inside we recomend our Plantain Salve.

Plantain Salve, Plantain naturally contains vitamins A,C, & K, minerals, and allantoin that kills germs, speeds wound healing, and stimulates growth of new skin cells. Naturally draws out poisons and slivers, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.This salve is great for bug bites and stings, splinters, scratches and cuts.

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